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's central bank says the country's economy has more room to improve. he's determined to reduce inflation and achieve sustainable growth. >>> and residents of a city of northeastern japan are recording their memories of a disaster two years ago and recording the results in a time capsule. >>> state-run media in china say authorities have arrested suspects in connection with now what's being called a terrorist attack. five people died on monday after a vehicle plowed through a crowd in tiananmen square in beijing. the suspects are believed to be members of the ethnic uighur minority. the sport utility vehicle crashed into a low bridge and burst into flames after had drove through the crowd. the driver and two passengers died along with a chinese man and a woman from the philippines. 40 others were hurt. china's central television reported police detained five suspects about ten hours after the incident ask that the suspects admitted they planned the attack with the three who died in the suv. cctv revealed a man, his mother, and his wife were in the vehicle, which was registered in the auto
and abroad and price trends. the japanese economy has been showing positive signs. they include a rise in corporate production and an improvement in employment. the policymakers decided to keep the monetary easing measures in place, considering uncertainty such as a slowdown in emerging economies. they discussed the price outlook between now and 2015. they say consumer prices will rise 1.9% by fiscal 2015. they kept their inflation forecast the same as three months ago. >> we have been seeing positive developments across broad areas in the economy, the financial markets. people's sentiment, and expectations. the economy is on a path to achieve the 2% inflation target. >> he also expressed hope that employers would pay higher wages on the prospect of higher corporate earnings. policymakers revised down the gdp projections for this fiscal year ending 2014. uncertainties remain regarding overseas economies. they say japan's economy will grow 2.7% this fiscal year down .1% from the previous forecast. the policy makers say the consumption tax hikes scheduled for april will not deal a seriou
, fed chairman ben bernanke said if the u.s. economy continued picking up speed, then the fed would start reducing bond purchases. today, members of the federal open market committee aren't sure if the american economic engine is strong enough to produce -- reduce unemployment and increase growth. >> the two parties need to sit down together and take this seriously. there is a huge movement in the business world. they are writing letters to the leaders, saying, this is no joke. if you come -- continue this way, the real economy will be affected. >> economic data has been distorted by the ever mentioned him the brinksmanship over raising the debt ceiling. the postmeeting statement notes that fiscal policy is restraining growth and that the housing sector has slowed somewhat. but the committee members to see underlying strength in the economy and will await more evidence before deciding to slow the stimulus effort known as tapering. >> they have to say, tapering is a possibility at the end of the year, even though i don't think they will. the data that is going to be coming out in the
the collapsing economy of india, which compelled him to write a letter to the prime minister and the governor of the reserve bank of india about the hidden treasure. >> and a startling revelation, angry citizens exposed that militants had taken refuge in the region, not only promoting violence but also involved in raids. what is shocking is the fact that these militants are protected by government. >> people of pakistan-occupied kashmir are enraged over the growing terrorist activities in the region, bearing the brunt of terrorism for decades. the common man here has finally decided to take the authorities had on. agitators claim that militants who ran away from various prisons of pakistan have been taking refuge here and are responsible for the growing specter of militancy. what is more shocking is that the state is hosting the militants. in startling revelations, locals say that not only pakistan-based but foreign militants are also taking asylum in pakistan- occupied kashmir. there are fears that al qaeda and taliban militants have set up training camps here. with just a few months before
expectations that the korean economy is on the path to gradual recovery. korea's rising exports will boost domestic demand and the number of jobs which will contribute to the train economy's recovery in the fourth quarter the central bank said last week that any economy grew three point three percent in the third quarter of this year from a year earlier the fastest pace of expansion in nearly two years. despite the rosy outlook retreat ministry cited in the west. i could stand offs and the fence and tapering of its bomb buying stimulus program has major uncertainties that could have a negative impact on the nation's exports. did you use. sale as economic news korea's consumer prices grew at their slowest pace in fourteen years in october saying his ear percent range for a second straight month statistics korea said friday that the nation's inflation rate edged up just zero point seven percent last month from the same period a year earlier slowing from a zero point eight percent gain in september. the figure marks the slowest yearly growth since july nineteen ninety nine when consumer price
by two thousand fourteen. janet and justin ski the polish minister of economy said a meeting of the cars and published in a governmental commission on economic cooperation. be sure that cause extend joining the wto will create favorable conditions for the increasing trade volume in investments last year trade volume between poland has extended reach two point one billion us dollars. the two countries but for the belt cooperation mechanic went in during our industry defence and mining industries as well as transport and logistics because a delegation presented the programme of preparation for expo two thousand seventeen during the meeting. the line extending trade turnover in investments was signed at the end of the meeting the parties also expressed a willingness to sign in a governmental or even on cooperation in the field of education standardization in veterinary medicine. expo two thousand seventeen is proof of the fact that colin treats context and as a leading country. i want to remind you that context and was elected as one of my priority countries poland expo two thousand sevente
the is the sea. a sign that china's economy is stabilizing. official numbers show fact written to the china grows at its fastest pace in eighteen months. and china's largest online marketplace and bought a home debuts on the nyse. in the cloud of uncertainty over time since listing in the last. and the grim picture for the job is to your continuous unemployment yours and remains at high in september. welcome to is a shadow cctv news on baby duty in baking which tata was time as pmi data. china's official day of activity in the spanish section sector for the month of october is out numbers from the national bureau of statistics show that october's my midsection pmi came in at fifty one point full growing at its size toothpaste in eighteen months. don't leave any signs of drivers of the class. nick stevens he joked i have some effect expected to grow at the spa. in eighteen months official figures clock in the country the official pm by fifty one point four fold over higher than the fifty ne and two were expected by the market. a number above fifty indicates expansion and they sa
in terms of the economy, society and culture has been the result of a joint effort by people from all ethnic groups in xinjiang. >> steve tsang, are you convinced? >> not at all. what the government spokesman said, there is no semblance to the reality there. the idea that they treat it as a terrorist incident is also not well-based. if the chinese government really saw what happened in tiananmen square as a terrorist attack, they would have taken it very seriously. they would have tried to preserve the crime scene, investigate fully in order to establish who was behind it, what they were really trying to do. instead, they very quickly cleaned up the scene and tried to pretend that it didn't actually happen. they use control over the media in order to give out a version of events which is not very convincing at all. >> steve, what do you think happened? >> we don't really know what actually happened. a subsidiary of the people some daily put out a story in which one eyewitness says that the vehicle was being chased by some police vehicles. it could have been a few uighur people who hap
's not just about friendship. for japan, turkey represents a growing economy and a gateway to both the middle east and europe. turkey's economic ties with china are becoming stronger. but, as a nato member and a key ally of the united states, it's important for turkey to strike a strategic balance in east asia. that means japan will remain an important partner. nhk world, tokyo. >>> a japanese research team says most of the radioactive cesium that fell on the forest floor after the accident at the fukushima plant is still in the same place. researchers from the japan atomic energy agency installed monitoring equipment in woods near fukushima prefecture in may 2011. that was two months after the accident. they hope to learn how cesium moves from fallen leaves to soil. the results show that rain washed it off leaves six months after the accident. the researchers say that as the leaves decomposed, the cesium moved into the soil. after two years of research, they say that only about 0.1% to 0.2% has reached a depth of 10 centimeters. >> translator: the results suggest that the cesium has not pene
.s. government shutdown had any affects on the economy or job market. >>> chinese authorities believe the ethnic uighurs were behind the bombing in tienemen square. >>> china's central television said authorities detained five suspects on suspicion of colluding with the dead suspects. cctv said all five were captured within ten hours of the incident. judging from their names, all five detainees are believed to be wiegers. they announced quick police response. the media called the crash an act of well organized terrorism. they said a flag with a word implying islamic holy war was found. they stopped short of saying who carried out the incident but left the impression it was wieger islamic extremists. >>> chie 23450ez prosecutors told police they are officialry arrest a squaurn nails being held for reporting on corruption at a state-owned company. >>> a correspondent for the new express newspaper was detained by police after his article was published. the newspaper demanded for two days that he be released. but it suddenly apologized to its readers after state run media report thad he told police
. and as the economy slows down one to make its winery in the trachea with the euro will cause the influx of cheap imports. a genial watching cctv news i'm on a lovely start up program with the first ever to class to meeting of foreign and defence ministers between russia and japan which has been held in tokyo. russia's foreign minister sergei laptop and defence minister sergei showing two men and japanese counterparts. if you can see that and ethan are yawning gap. the conference that in the morning the best ways of furthering economic and security cooperation between the two countries raw feel the significance of that a meeting and said the event in the case the new stage in the relationship between russia and jan. she gets the death that the meetings will turn a new page in security and defence cooperation between japan and russia. bailout the russian dense minister has awful said tha if i ever live in peace youth facing the two countries' cooperation between japan and russia on their resolution will promote restful relationships in the asia pacific region japan's defen minister said he hoped t
hundred sixty five billion td to free up money for priority projects the minister of economy and budget planning analysis of a government meeting your bowl on the side of said thirty million teeny of the free up money will be used to complete the just cause gonna be a new rail project another thirty billion will be given to the kazakhstan development bank. so it can issue more loans twenty million tt will be use on the expo twenty seventeen project another twenty billion will be used to repay the samurai casino fun witches lonely government money to demolish buildings in austin on the remaining sixty five billion tv will also go toward priority projects at the siam said the ministry expects a twenty billion saying the increase in revenue coming in to the government and an eighty billion to the decrease in the national debt. he also said that when money is left over from a project that will be used to reduce the deficit it just before funds was for nine years were returned to the budget is time this happens however program administrators that the un use funds being put in the next year'
from an overhaul of the economy to security services and traffic problems the more says cool failed to realize that blueprint nationwide demonstrations continue the country's pillar industry tourism was hit and investment dried up. on november the twenty second last year. morrissey issued a declaration of protecting the work of the constituent assembly. but in the fact this declaration protects his actions from any legal challenge. the move led to massive protests and violence across the country the protesters erecting tents and secure square. the side of the protests that preceded the resignation of hosni mubarak. on july the sick and this year president more she publicly rejected an ultimatum given by the egyptian army and vowed to pursue his own plans for national reconciliation the army then quickly moved to more see from this post and appointed an interim president. morrissey has since been held in a secret place by the army accused of inciting violence and killing demonstrators. john a cctv us secretary of state shaun perry has paid an unannounced visit to egypt on that trip c
of competitiveness in terms of economy. >> listen to what one of our viewers is saying on twitter. who would want to play in france with a 75% tax rate? >> someone who could play for monaco. >> it is a sign to the professional players, do not come to france. >> david beckham played in his agreement was that he would play for five months and 28 days. that is why he did not become liable to pay tax in france. >> he is such an attractive and global brand. spain had a tax system for a number of years that was called be beckham system. >> it was 22%. foreign players would only play 20 something percent income tax. it has recently lapsed. they're back to 46%. the benefit is they can count on huge revenue from tv because they are one of the few shining lights at the top of the game. >> from a competitiveness standpoint, you have to bring in the good players. you have to be competitive from a fiscal standpoint. >> what is interesting, the football clubs are companies. if you just look at the business , it is the same structure. >> listed on the french stock exchange. >> have the means to -- some are leav
that the energy policy and calls to a country's economy. yes i think using the most important and uncle chris. i think there is a chip and this is a sturdy up to competition not a huge accident in two thousand and ten season as the party's see them looking ball j o and n korea parties. it's all i can go die the good result and the impact of the dark arts teacher and squeezy that useful. if asked to be the complete and you have a diagram. yes it can solve. i see. i carry you to see you next tuesday. i feel cause he does not fall on the jacuzzi in addition content. so that's three point one trillion every year. king saul was all white and the trade deficit. in all time. don't tease from dixie state. roman history of japan me enjoying a few izturis up rocks ice has not been kind to the other. because of it in court and that's the price increase. saul to trade. i'm turning from trade deficit trace of us getting to look at the see saw me do what he has it that the state. i bought cool points to three and embrace again he went to the other day and also is has widened to three point six plane my pantry
for priority projects the minister of economy and budget planning analysis of a government meeting your bowl on the side of said thirty million teeny of the free up money will be used to complete the just cause gonna be a new rail project another thirty billion will be given to the kazakhstan development bank. so it can issue more loans
that stagnating economy. i have elevated unemployment levels that come along with its beauty. one problem with the two prime minister when the deteriorating security situation. over the last two weeks nine and security officers died in separate attacks in different regions of the country. when those attacks on religious extremists in particular on a group called the city out of which is a solid christian conservative. is proof that cost thousands of members across the country it does a few days ago. the other hand it to the tax would cost the lives of civilians to bombing attempts of the bridge sale of one of the us was a suicide bombing the first infusion as seen in over ten years ago and so on the beach and suits us something we already know that not a civilian lives. it dealt another blow to change its image as a true destination so they waited for news that the economy. so the new prime minister will try to better then that the local islamist government in during one such instance sandy said the injection sites rest and i just come back from a full month break and his staff has alrea
's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines today too the report. margie. to the highlands has once again flared up. history of canada the day . the mac this is our team. tens of thousands of marines had gathered outside the former u s embassy in tehran. venting their anger at present connie's initiative to mend relations with washington the willie comes despite a statement from supreme leader ayatollah khomeini voicing his support for the diplomatic efforts aimed at ending a long running international standoff over tehran's nuclear ambitions heidi has faced criticism from hardline opponents who say iran should not be seeking any compromise with what they see as a hostile power. iran wants to have the crushing economic sanctions. here's to lift it and have signaled its willingness to make concessions on its cover actual nuclear program. rt small spot mr gets whiny these diplomatic overtures. i mean so fiercely resisted the center of tony's recent speech to the un general assembly was said by many to represent a story in relations be
if the consumption figures to go but greater percentage of total gdp. china's economy is very export driven which is y'know at the factory the world. its current use and on the dollar to make it to cheaper when purchased by buyers abroad. the concrete export figures and thus the chinese economy. that many of you could've made in china would make sense to him that you can get them for keeping the country. despite their rationale. it's actually hard to get cheap right clothing in china for chinese people. chinese local newspapers beagle weekly friday report the console to compete with st lucia the company to market survey comparing the cost of five hundred clothing items up to the chinese and us clothing brand. the report found that the average closing price in china seventy percent higher than in the us. when the situation. market insiders point out the major reason for the price the rising cost of raw material labor force and shop rental for the biggest factors. all these factors increased production costs including manufacturing. that eventually carried over to retell market. add legal weekly re
this huge holes mobility is an advantage that the economy mabel my pick of the future would be a little market in small bite people. so the fact that my opinion is that we as sad. old people was succinctly and try to use to support it. one in easton pa and unemployment is rising immigration and the more prosperous capital. it's more often than not through choice and ambition. multiple schools there is just the missing mma income from anthropologie. she's also learning norwegian. it is no way we do this i decided its time trying to integrate our lives. lexi and as much as possible. norway's an increasingly popular destination for both because of its high wages that month that does not expect to find a threat to the job done. i'd say that. a summons seeking for some time and then come back with some known some money. money to invest in start to get business returning immigrants can be of great value to the british economy. the problem is that in practice to produce economy is not yet revealed strong enough to entice many of them. the musician and the best of calls and get some reports tha
attention. he's received credit for growing the economy with aggressive programs to improve infrastructure, learn new investment, and cut india's notorious red tape. but he's also known as a hard line hindu nationalist and was criticized for failing to prevent the mass murder of muslims during riots in 2002. >>> voters in the philippines have been casting their ballots in village elections marred by bloodshed. police say 22 people were killed in violence in the run-up to elections to choose the leaders of the country's smallest administrative division. the vote went ahead on monday amid tight security. a total of 800,000 candidates were contesting 336,000 posts, including chairmanships and counsellor seats. the elections are often marked by violence stemming from political rivalries. afp news agency said half the 22 people killed this time were incumbent candidates seeking reelection. it refers to the name to the community unit that existed before spain colonized the philippines. political parties use them to compete for grass roots support. observers say they symbolize not only the nation
a -- the same surveillance by cuba. they would have called us dictators. >> the economy of ecuador largely depends on the united states. it is by no means an obstacle for him to come with open criticism of washington's actions. i remember when i covered the huge international scandal involving -- when his airplane was denied airspace in europe and had to spend 12 hours in vienna's airport. there were very exposed of words from the ecuadorian foreign ministry saying that, if this happens to the u.s. president, it would have been a good reason to declare war. of course, the economic and military cooperation would be on the table between president clinton and president korea -- between president putin and president correa. >> u.s. lawmakers heard testimony from survivors of an allergic u.s. drone strike today. three pakistani members talked about an attack that killed the 67-year-old mother and grandmother impacts and last year. -- and grandmother in pakistan last year. they have high hopes of getting answers from congress. >> this was the first time actual victims of u.s. drone strikes were
popular economy. it decided to raise the key interest rate tuesday for the second time in two months suggesting it sees inflation as a bigger economic risk than slowing growth. the rbi lifted the policy rate by 25 basis points to 7.75%. the bank expressed concern in the latest economic review about growing pressure from rising prices. ind india's wholesale price rose to a high in december 6.64%. investors welcomed the hide. mumbai's main stock index jumped 2%. let's take a look at the latest market figures. >>> people in north eastern japan are getting busy with a project that takes decade to bear fruit. two years ago, they saw a tsunami wash through the city. they'll put memories in a time capsule to pass along to the next generation. >> this is the district of iwaki city. it suffered massive damage. locals and volunteers from a university are working together to record the testimonies of victims of the tsunami. two and a half years later, people are starting to forget about the disaster even in the worst hit areas. >> i thought the time had come to record testimonies because people
the thin end of this. i am a piano. pool poor economy. can you the only government in with me get through this. what it used to predicting the future them. and she kicked me. some forty would ensure the superstar saga condom use including an active issue was the answer to each of the ruling also keen to stand on the fence. the best of my visions of nsw. no one in spite of all their own. this would be the besides. we don't need any moment. it's been a chore that he seeks the high action should be the next level. the finn takes off from its peak was that this unknown because of the movie and by the other leading a happy life. but kate bates who has been a wide expanse of safety. i made finding the killer. thus the drop off guard when jesus was on the up your tickets yet but i'll tell him the dentist to see his family and safety act will fall asleep reading. its elevation is in a republican to the top stories once again. i am somewhat less activity is officially in nineteen ninety percent of all what diplomats stunning is that it will take the bait. this is what works well for the day the ri
that would include an end to sanctions that have had the green economy. the current line is that they kissed him of being soft on the last. he led faculty of state john kerry has suggested he sees signs of a return to democracy in egypt. he may dispense as it passes down the remote past and current post the fun time tonight. trying to carry nations hand i am partial to the east of us st. but for now as demand for amin kai now. kerry says he believes democracy is crucial for stability and growth. we support you in this tremendous transformation that you are undergoing caring and funny man and told people for past and most eco some trial. the moc became egypt to a democratically elected president. now he faces charges of inciting minus ten complicity in the deaths of prisoners. the simple joys in a month in front of it saying they're planning to protest when a court proceedings and going late on monday. a cold on the need is a big group and secure his forces to exercise restraint chinese contingent includes as an international and plank was behind last monday's car crash in beijing's tenement
davis president said the european integration is a chance to rebuild our economy increase the quality of confidential prosperity for citizens to get a society with the cave nation ay ay ay ay ay ay. granny was organized by the government's he wants to say the candidates to brussels however the countries under pressure from russia. he says considering that the eu would have serious consequences for more days than i. bolivian plane has crashed while trying to dance during bad weather in the north of the country. ate at the eighteen people on board were killed but said a prop plane caught fire as it landed near the border with the sale of an idiot and i never ofcom report is technical problems but to play. the mets around said it is at the center of alcohol and drug allegations has apologized for making mistakes brought forward admits if he was not perfect and refuse to step down the man has made headlines could open the arctic canadian police announced they had the video can you see what appears to be the case. police in gemini have recovered at the fifteen hundred motorists must the pi
to stop such content as a target in its infancy here is the strongest economy in twenty oh three team gets me to traipse in neighboring afghanistan. islamabad has been tested each account as it is to be a very significant dent in the pakistani town he is originally heading to machinima video shows you that she is. he was targeted in this goes i can. along with another high will move on together stick to the need to have been killed in the post right two of the other wanted me to alter my mind it the rt women to live in one of the most wanted it but a good time and also by the next day. he was engaged in holding that the idea attack in one of the year the piano. in which the iaea. it's tasteless but on the spot. that attack school is in the modern sheep. which is also weak in oregon at a time right now she mentioned that we continue that. it is only when he was doing me i know with a pocket on the government would not be a new lifeline to the compound that way you want to try to ignore and when it became an on going to go on strike happened. they are all a selection to ensure medical source
sick to dubuque services and social economy. that was that we like to say is that it's the ndp members of the european parliament a very accessible and the icing was this is the israeli open and the weather would like to say he is going to be using them for the promo diggin or interest to prove what the specific inch waist and his aorta is the year of two d fenders specific interest toward the head people are well connected by his cds and andy spoke to is that the nep is to do said reach into its going to be good in orange recently on the go to to to be appropriate to do it right what's given to the summons all calls those directives or was that you if you manage to shake. actually and we will follow sometime follows the european statue itself meat or switches are at war story and we try to chris's a living to do with insurance and toss gently to insurance company and we would die too ivan i folded a private company at a european state to its foes and mentors to be aboard the two apparent everywhere. the new up and go to a bar yes even to be able to work today as it sits in a story on
of economic clout. occasionally they make comments about policy suggestion for how to help the world economy and how to help the world develop particularly in the developing world but it doesn't wield a lot of financial power. it isn't that big financially. it does have an institute. now, there's the institute for the works of religion which is kind of a bank that's set up to help coordinate charitable activities and currently the pope -- both pope francis and pope benedict had been working to kind of clean up some of the activity and put the vatican bank in a more rigorous footing. but it's a small bank in the scale of things. and so i don't really know what kind of threats they would imagine the holy sea would pose. >> it's very, very interesting i appreciate you giving us some insight. jimmy aken, senior apoll gist. >> the white house said in a statement that the discussion between the leaders will focus on the long-term relationship between iran and the relationship. that partnership is something the prime minister is extremely concerned about as the security and stability of the rock un
and their dogma and making the economy me she had been spent in the bed then through the big aimed at his side then hopped on a camp on and on and continue counting many others. so asking for excellent things is in fact is i mean today committed crimes of the u s says the squishy it that the occupation in two thousand and four b commented against iraqi people. no no weapons and they doubled for bahn ag money can a team has the new was an indian takeaway and consistently lose themselves when they are the same thing went out and get chills and we've seen that the community and the pro ana and two ha north of baghdad where there was an initial count on it was attacked by security forces and fifty one people were killed they would demonstrate this. and on to many of the selected for the times that he got when we moved in and as we know and cannot because of the medical health said this many although one day i'm usually the way and doubt that. isi from lack of weapons as you say at least to the prime minister will claim why can't the government cope with the sun itself. when they met the lentils nu
into the crippled up and economy let there be many allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts. the minister says is improving transparency by closing a number of bank accounts and publishing whole financial details online these are big challenges but if they can the mets mining with the help of the gov't aniston into far more prosperous future. some of the twenty nine dec caused aniston for the nick of time and new and wounding one you can watch in a sea world you were ever you go to inmates. he asks for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace. i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network i won't run away and walk until after ten. molecules may not be at the top of your mind on a daily basis but just recently top scientific minds gathered here in seoul to discuss the future of the molecular sciences on two days after ten we meet with one of the world's most pre eminent tennis to discuss why science matters to all of us stay with us
't stay sad example of glass and democracy that was able to separate the kids really do from its economy can be applied to the state. this is a pointless blog about in the book was how when looking at the end of being a complete basket case and bake in a bowl with the type of insulation and eighty one the ability to add to which is so much economic success and a rise in equity but the problem that is of course that blind he did and his attitude has changed. he now has become much more it this element of any criticism. i'm a bad light wars the news. we continue to not see the stones foreign ministry has summoned the american ambassador daniel to the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed when a us drone strike islamabad has accused washington of sabotaging it tends to bring an end to violence through peace talks with the taliban. the group has vowed to avenge the death of their leader. it's been playing several times before that the modem its hood has been killed me for him to turn ups tonight. he had expressed a willingness to hold series talks with the pakistani government and said
. and by the antenna and yet of tissue with its dynamic economy. it s
. the kids. why not. i wonder what's really happening to the global economy was much nicer. there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to an end to the kaiser in to watch on rte and you. in. the sells. says.l we will. it gets worse as the day. because breaking off point. lights the eagles to play. stock. while
economy. for no holds barred look of the global financial headlines today too the report. margie. as to the highlands has once again flared up. the history of canada. i i . this week is to read the first ambitious deadline which pulled the chemical to someone that his success to dismantle the equipment and the facilities used to produce toxic weapons the beat of tunnels connecting the existing stockpiles lisa had made harder by the wall the continues to rage of the forestry reports from damascus. dangerous condition that's called a noble place committee just like the blip of chemicals with nuisance because he's like serbia. not to mention the boutique like declined. october twenty five damascus to my cd tell plan of its chemical weapons stockpiles done. october twenty seven foreign inspectors visited or decayed sites midst. senate finishes destroying or equipment used in the production and mixing up wasting gas and newsagents don. we shot in the name. i mean whatever we can. but to know this is a vertical concluded that pursues complications field by so called security concerns.
not economically a lot because this was the way to help our families economy the reality is we do not know why this is happening this is a job like any other it's not illegal but it was approved. the licence was given to spite the state. we do not understand that without a prior notification and without it they are warning they are taken captive to say i have a shot try this in the mas has become increasingly popular many at the stake ronson amounts of forty nine times and tend to show it more highbrow films. i know three d someone's got to feed it to source of entertainment for all young people eat something healthy and fine i don't understand why. i just re started introducing limited to economic reforms in two thousand and ten sites on the government has legalized applying unsettling times and used cars and authorizing a right to permit its independent jokes. some see the new role as a step in the wrong direction. eye. yes attacks and sugary drinks and eight percent tax adjusted between mexico's congress in order to curb rising obesity mexico has now hired the city rates than the us is one
the hundred thousand for that. had to be other people a chance to make money too. the informal economy triggered by the increased number of tours there's a chance to earn some cash. their only got about four hundred parking on comfort and help more than ten thousand private cars and after the end of october the situation can to fight on the weekend. some of these opportunities were able to convince people that pay them for kind and the west popular parking spot. the fees vary for the numerous tours really want or need to pay one hundred un about fifteen dollars for the people of the park admission ticket and parked in front. but according to regulation and african whole park. drivers usually oy need to pay two dollars for parking. the cost of tickets and occasionally amounted to seven us dollars if you make it tempting to inform on their property almost ten dollars per person but keep in mind that people don't go to the park alone like the need for more ticket costs about five dollars apiece. don't go way back to money matters were top of the spending power fake invoices. they can coul
while in taiwan? do they voice their concern about the economy, about which way taiwan will be going? gina? >> we have not had extensive conversations about this, by the taiwanese youth i have come across -- but the taiwanese youth i have come across, they work very hard. the people i work with, we leave before they leave work. they are out there on weekends. they are stressed about their coming up on exhibitions. i don't know if that stress is very good for young people, but that's what i've noticed. >> and david, you have seen the same thing? >> from what i have gathered, the minimum wage has been stagnant in comparison to rising inflation and living costs, especially in taipei. as much as the taiwanese people are nice and friendly, there is a certain amount of pessimism in regards to taiwan's future, economically and politically. it is really whether it will be stable. a lot of it is manifested in when they want to say, they go to australia or study abroad, go to other places with higher minimum wages, learning wish, and bring it back. -- learn english, and bring it back. it is re
say the economy is on track to reach a 2%
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